Architect in chiriqui 3

Ax 1

Combination with nature.

Destined for mountain places like Boquete, this house model is design to have a country side look, warm, cozy and different without looking the nowadays sthetics. Another consideration from the architect is that this house is highly adaptable and it can grow in the number of bedrooms as it is usual in Chiriqui.

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Ax 2

Traditional but uncommon.

The architect focused this house to have different finishes and textures for them to play a different and important role in the house design. Iluminated spaces and other finishes are highlighted to give a modern and eye catching style for the house and with the surroundings, whether is boquete or any area of the Chiriqui Province.

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Ax 3

Standing out with elegance.

This modern and singular style with private and common areas separated for more ventilation was the main focus of our architects. Besides having interesting circulation around the house and outside, it also offers a private garden to spend time with family and friends, a unique design for the area of Boquete and the province of Chiriqui

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Barns And Corrals

World Class Horse Barns

In order to have a full operational farm, the horse barns hae to be a priority. Because of that Arquitectura Axioma's Architects have payed special atention to the bar design and horse amenities in the province of Chiriqui.

Premium Corrals

As architects  we always have to learn about how our clients businesses and markets and exploring the Chiriqui market has thought us that cattle raising is the main industry of the region. Learn how a Cattle Corral operates at its best level, its benefits and advantages.

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