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Gerbaud Home, Jaramillo, Boquete, Chiriquí

How to turn what for most people is a disadvantage into a starting point for your project? That is the case is Gerboud Home

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Rossen House, Pedasi, Los Santos.

Each challenge represents a new opportunity, and here in Arquitectura Axioma we love challenges!

More Projects Arquitecto en Boquete 27

Residencia T, Boquete, Chiriqui.

This was client different from others, more challenges and another opportunity to project our Arquitectura Axioma.

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Architect Rommel H. Troetsch

Rommel Hans Troetsch (April 8th 1992) is an Architect and Entrepreneur born in David Chiriqui, he works as an architect in the area of Boquete, David and in any area of the Chiriqui province and Panama city.

After finishing his architectural degree in Isthmus University in Panama city, he relocate himself in Boquete Area to work as an architect in the specialty which he interests the most, Residential design.

One of the most important aspects of any projects is that the client is cristal clear about the virtues and benefits that his new residence or commercial space is going to have and that is why here in Arquitectura Axioma we had decide to go one step further. Next we introduce you to the Architectural video series designed by Arquitectura Axioma.


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Definition of Axioma.. What is Axioma and How do we apply it to Architecture?

Axioma by definition is the characteristic of something that does not needs to evidenciate or demonstration.

As architects, our job does not finish stamping a set of plans of giving a set of keys for a new house or office. Our job is done when we live in those spaces and places where we feel Comfort, Tranquility and other emotions that brings Happiness. Having said that we promise premium quality un any Architectural or Construction service and we are going to give you the best results. THAT IS OUR AXIOMA!.

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