Documents Required for Architectonic Residential Project

Hiring an architect also means understanding his/her work process, what
challenges he/she is going to face and the time frames for each stage of
the project.

Big part of the deadlines will depend on the time that the plan takes to
be approved, therefore, the number of entities that you will have to
visit and the required documents will play a key role on the efficiency
of a good project delivery and the general process.

That is why, in this article we have annexed a Downloadable PDF that
explains step by step which are the necessary approvals, aproximated
time that each tramit takes and also the documents for each tramit

Thanks for your time, we hope this informations is usefull for you and
if you have any doubts or consultation that we could answer, send us an
e-mail to [email protected] so we can give you more information about

Until Next Time!
Arch. Rommel Hans Troetsch.


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